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BAC Systems    


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BAC Systems


BAC Drawer Storage Systems are a solution for all part and tool storage requirements, providing a high-density alternative to bins on shelves. Their patented modular design allows users the ability to customise their configuration, with drawer height and internal partitioning layouts being variable.

BAC Systems can come in a range of heights, with sizes that can fit beneath a workbench, in a service vehicle, or as standalone cabinets. BAC Systems are also stackable, and, when integrated with a BAC Mezzanine system, can save up to 80% of floor space!

The Flagship BAC 'A' Series Modules and Drawer Storage Systems have been upgraded to adhere to the stringent Caterpillar 5 Star Contamination Control criteria for spare parts storage. This means mine sites and clean stores can now avoid the damage and expense due to dust build-up.

With optional shelves and lockable doors, BAC Systems are suitable for use in workshops, laboratories, and parts stores. Fixed cabinet configurations from our range are outlined in the links below.