BAC Workbenches


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BAC Workbenches and Workstations address both the need for a durable work surface and the need for efficient storage in the workplace. These units incorporate BAC’s modular drawer storage systems and lean manufacturing principles to create integrated workstations for the modern workplace. With assistance from the Technical Sales Team at Tradesales, a complete workplace solution can be design to suit your requirements.

In an industrial workshop, a steel workbench, with a benchtop of sturdy steel or timber, is as necessary as the tools for the tasks carried out in the workshop. An adjustable workbench with drawers can provide local storage for anticipated tools, parts, electronics and consumables, resulting in less lost time in walking to a parts store or tool store. Whether you require a fixed or a portable workbench, your productivity can significantly increase, regardless of whether you are working with metal, wood, food, chemicals, or electrical items, if you have chosen the correct surface type and properly configured your storage.