Heavy Duty TradeLockers

Heavy Duty TradeLockers

TradeLocker Workshop Storage Lockers

Specifically designed for the mining industry, the TradeLocker™ range of storage lockers have fast become the workshop locker of choice amongst most large companies throughout WA, especially the Pilbara Region and is used most commonly in mobile equipment and light vehicles workshops and warehouses.

The unique, heavy duty construction of the TradeLocker™ ensures you have storage lockers that will last the lifetime of the mine and not be replacing them every year or two.

Not only do our TradeLocker™ workshop lockers keep workshops looking clean and tidy and professional, they provide a safe place for expensive tools and equipment.

All TradeLockers come with sloping tops to prevent items and rubbish being stored on top, fork pockets to make the units easily transported or moved within a workshop and a high quality electrostatic powder coated finish for long lasting quality.

For more information on our range of workshop storage lockers, call us today on 1800 999 521.