Conveyor Roller Lifting Device

Conveyor Roller Lifting Device
For mine sites with conveyor systems, the maintenance of conveyor rollers can be a labourous and dangerous task.

The storage and transport of heavy conveyor rollers can reduce workplace efficiency, however Tradesales has a solution that will assist the safety and effectiveness of the workplace.

Tradesales’ Conveyor Roller Lifting Device is designed and fabricated for safe handling of conveyor rollers and other awkwardly shaped items. With the thin design, the device can be located as close to the conveyor as possible, to greatly reduce the distance team members need to travel to change a conveyor roller.

A Lift-up floor with hydraulic foot pump operation provides easy access to rollers inside bin while reducing the manual bending over to pick up the equipment.

Heavy duty steel construction provides longer life expectancy of the device, decreasing replacement requirements and becoming a more budget-friendly piece of equipment.

Forklift pockets come as standard allowing for manoeuvrability whilst the addition of lifting lugs for provides the ability to locate the device in places that a forklift can’t reach.

The Tradesales team are available to consult with you on your workplace requirements and ensure you find the solution that fits the site’s needs. Our team will be able to provide information on a suite of products that will be cost effective and increase your workplace efficiency.

Interested in finding more information about conveyor roller maintenance? Simply get in touch!