Everything you should know about the TradeLocker™ Range

Everything you should know about the TradeLocker™ Range

27 August 2020

Everything you should know about the TradeLocker™ Range

Tradesales’ iconic Australian Made TradeLocker™  Heavy Duty Workshop Lockersare specifically designed and manufactured for the mining industry and heavy industrial sectors. The TradeLocker™ range of storage lockers have fast become the workshop locker of choice amongst large mining companies and contractors right across Australia - especially the Goldfields, Pilbara, Hunter and Bowen Basin regions, and are used mostly in mobile equipment, light vehicle and other maintenance workshops.

So, what is so special about these lockers?

The unique, heavy duty locker construction of the TradeLocker™ ensures you have storage lockers that will last the lifetime of the mine and not be replacing them every year or two, which is common with other brands of lockers in the industry. Lockers are consistently used every day, which is why its important they are heavy duty – especially after a hard day on the mine site, nobody is going to treat their locker with *tender and gracious care*, are they? Tradesales’ TradeLocker™ range is built to last.

Not only do our TradeLocker™ Heavy Duty Workshop Lockers keep workshops looking clean and tidy and professional, they provide a safe place for expensive tools and equipment, with lockable drawers on the interior a key benefit.

All TradeLocker™ models come with sloping tops to prevent items and rubbish being stored on top, fork pockets to make the units easily transported or moved within a workshop and a high-quality electrostatic powder coated finish for long lasting quality. They also have a hanging rail, for PPE clothing and other garments. There are two to five pigeonhole units (depending on which model you choose) down the right side for storage of tools or other necessities. A wide shelf space for storage of a tool bag or toolbox, and perforated peg boards on backs of doors provide hanging space for tools, which contribute to keeping your space tidy, organised and safe.

The TradeLocker™ range have large fork pockets which allow for larger forklifts, and for the lockers to be picked up and moved around a worksite as required. The lockers are designed to maximise storage efficiency, with high density lockable drawers, full width shelves, pigeonholes and dust sealed doors. 

Tradesales has been manufacturing TradeLocker™ Heavy Duty Workshop Lockers in Australia for Australian mine sites over 20 years. They are proven to be long lasting, strong and ideal for many of other industries. 

Tradesales provide a range of different TradeLocker™ models, to read more about their individual features, click here. If you would like to find out more about our Heavy Duty TradeLocker™ range, feel free to contact us, or give us a call now! 

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