How pallet cages can transform your warehouse

How pallet cages can transform your warehouse

15 October 2019

How pallet cages can transform your warehouse

Pallet cages are the ideal functional storage solution in any warehouse environment.
Also known as stillages, pallet cages provide a cost-effective way to securely store and stack almost anything you can think of, freeing up valuable space in the warehouse.
The humble pallet has been transformed into a fully customised fit-for-purpose storage solution that gives you more room to work.
You get the flexibility of a pallet, reinforced with heavy-duty materials for safe storage and movement.
Pallet cages come in a huge range of options tough enough to withstand harsh mining conditions while offering full protection for whatever you need to store or transport.
They can also be easily forklifted for stacking in a warehouse or loading onto a truck or ship.

5 benefits of pallet cages

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why pallet cages are a smart investment for any warehouse:

1.Safe storage and transport

Heavy-duty storage and transport stillages give you peace of mind that whatever you load is protected from water, dust and damage. Lockable doors and fully welded construction deter tampering during transport and storage. Plus, the secure stackable design makes workplaces safer by removing the hazard of open shelves.


One of the things that makes stillages so cost-effective is their robust design. Whether you are stacking stillages in a warehouse, loading pallet cages on a truck, attaching chains to lifting boxes to be craned, or transporting important equipment to a job site, stillages are more rugged and durable than anything else on the market.


Ever find yourself wondering where your warehouse space went? Stack those stillages high and enjoy more floor space than you thought possible. Pallet cages are popular because they can be forklifted and stacked neatly out of the way, then reclaimed whenever you need what’s inside.

4.Flexible storage

Mesh pallet cages give you full visibility on your warehouse stock without compromising on safety. You can rearrange your stock however you like and find a secure storage spot for odd-shaped items. And when you need to clear warehouse space for a big job, PVC rain covers provide all-weather protection for your valuable items.


Pallet cages make it easy to move items around the warehouse or take mining equipment on a long-haul drive. Anyone with a forklift license can pick and move pallet cages with the same ease as regular pallets. The difference is, a fabricated pallet cage gives you more security and stability for safe movement.

Expect more pallet cages at Tradesales

With the flexibility of pallet cages and the expertise of the Tradesales team, you are guaranteed to find a functional storage solution to free up more space in your warehouse.
At Tradesales we manufacture and import a huge range of stillages specially designed to withstand the harsh environments of mine sites and warehouses.
From collapsible wire mesh cages that make stock sorting easy, to certified lifting boxes ready to be craned, right through to heavy duty transport stillages and everything in between, we have more stillage solutions than anyone else in the business.
Need a custom storage solution? No problem – we can manufacture pallet cages to your specifications. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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