New Range Of Premium Fuel Storage Solutions

New Range Of Premium Fuel Storage Solutions

01 March 2017

New Range Of Premium Fuel Storage Solutions

Self-bunded fuel tanks with enclosed pump bay

With fuel being one of the costliest overheads in your business, it is so important that it is kept secure without impeding the necessary access during day-to-day operations.

Benefits of our self-bunded fuel tanks:

SAFE - Double wall design - 110% capacity
EASY TO TRANSPORT - crane and forkliftable
SECURE - Fully enclosed pump bay
COMPLIANT - Each tank is designed and built to the strict Australian Standard AS1692 - this gives you the necessary peace of mind when storing that most valuable asset of yours - your fuel!
REDUCES COSTS - Accurate fuel management - cost savings through reduced time taken to fill up and cheaper fuel through bulk discounts.
FLEXIBILITY - Fill up any time you want - 24/7

Track every litre of fuel or liquid dispensed

Maximise your efficiency and monitor fuel usage by using the SAPPHIRE FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (optional)

  • TDCD150 with 15,000 Litres capacity

  • TDC50 with 5,000 Litres capacity

  • TDC100 with 10,000 Litres capacity

  • Sapphire Fuel Management System

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