Storage Solutions for Every Site

Storage Solutions for Every Site

14 October 2019

Storage Solutions for Every Site

Among the constant chaos of running a warehouse or site it can be easy to overlook one of the most important things that keeps a job on track: storage.
There are a whole host of reasons to invest in versatile, high quality storage that meets your unique product requirements and logistics needs.
For starters you have more confidence with stock control, smoother processes, more working space and a safer site.
With a huge variety of storage solutions ready to be delivered, Tradesales can help you get the job done. First let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should consider upgrading your storage:

Smart Storage

During a site shutdown equipment can easily become damaged or go missing.
Too many people simply put parts on the first bit of free shelf space they see. But what happens if a box falls, or you forget where you put that important component you now need?
Pallet cages are ideal for storing loose items and boxes. They can be used as sorting cages or short-term storage then folded and put away for next time.
For a more secure and organised site shutdown storage solution that protects chemicals, sensitive equipment or anything else you don’t want to go missing, drop-point boxes and maintenance parts boxes are the way to go.

Safe Stacking

Space is always a hot commodity in warehouses and on job sites.
You don’t want loose equipment and boxes scattered around creating hazards.
Organising surplus stock and irregularly shaped equipment into stillages means you clear valuable floor space and have full visibility on stock levels.
To reclaim what you need simply forklift the cage back down or use the built-in swing door for easy access.
More room to move means less accidents and more productivity.

Perfect Protection

There is nothing worse than picking stock from a shelf only to find it has been damaged by weather, pests, or leaks. A high-quality storage solution gives you more efficient storage and protection in any environment:
  • Heavy-duty site boxes designed to withstand harsh mining conditions
  • PVC covers to protect pallet cages from wind and rain
  • Heavy duty stillages with lockable galvanised steel doors
  • Tough transport boxes to ensure everything arrives undamaged
Rest assured you are protected from tampering, pests, and accidental damage in more situations.

Trouble-Free Transport

Every warehouse manager knows the feeling of holding their breath as equipment is craned to an EWP or loaded on a truck. When it comes to transporting or lifting mining equipment, construction materials, or chemicals you can’t afford to take any chances.
Lifting and site boxes in a variety of configurations give you more flexibility to stack your equipment until you need it, then attach chains and lift with confidence.
For transport, pallet cages provide a lightweight and incredibly strong solution to get from A to B safely. Forklift them on to a truck, stack them up, strap them down and watch them roll away.  

Storage solutions from Tradesales

We have more variety of pallet cages, stillages and heavy-duty site storage solutions than anyone else in WA.
Whether you’re managing a remote mine site, Perth construction project, or warehouse down the road in Welshpool we can sort you out with the perfect storage solution.
For more information on our high quality off-the-shelf and custom designs contact our customer representative team today.

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